Paul Stubbs is the author of six poetry collections and of two books of poetical and philosophical essays. A selection of poems translated into French has been published by Hochroth-Paris. His poems and essays have appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies, including The Bitter Oleander, The High Window, The Wolf, The Poetry Review, The Shop, and the French literary magazines Les Carnets d’EucharisNunc,, and Poésie première. He has also reviewed for different publications (Agenda, Poetry Wales, The Wolf, 3:AM magazine, Poetry Nottingham…). Paul Stubbs has written a play, The Messiah, and English versions of two classical Greek plays, Euripides’ The Bacchae and Aeschylus’ Prometheus Unbound. With Blandine Longre, he has translated texts by Victor Segalen, Jos Roy, Pierre Cendors, and Ernest Delahaye among others. He has been invited to read at the National Poetry Library, at Oxford University, at the Seamus Heaney Centre, at Kings Lynn Festival, and at various venues in New York and Paris. He also wrote the introductions of various books and has co-edited the bilingual literary magazine The Black Herald.

He received awards for his writing from the Society of Authors and Arts Council East; his latest poetry collection, The Lost Songs of Gravity, has received a substantial grant from the Society of Authors.

Collections & individual works

The Theological Museum (foreword by Alice Oswald) Flambard Press, 2005

The Icon Maker, Arc Publications, 2008

Ex Nihilo, Black Herald Press, 2010

Flesh, Black Herald Press, 2013

The End of the Trial of Man, Arc Publications, 2015

The Return to Silence, and other poetical essays, Black Herald Press, 2016

Visions de l’Outre-monde, bilingual book, Hochroth-Paris, 2019

The Carbonized Earth, essays on Arthur Rimbaud, forthcoming

The Lost Songs of Gravity, Black Herald Press, 2020


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